Saturday, January 24, 2009

Victory Garden

President Obama said in his inauguration speech that we need to "pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off." It made me think of one of my friends who is caught up in tough times without a job. She has been brainstorming with a realtor to take a highly visible piece of land and create victory gardens. Interested gardeners would pay a modest fee to grow a garden. Her vision includes helping the needy with excess food and having a vegetable stand on site. Something to think about at the time of the year when most gardeners enjoy curling up in a a sunny corner to ponder over seed catalogs and garden books.
Years ago I had a good yard to grow vegetables. This is a picture of it with my daughter trying to get a better look at that sunflower. Let's all hope that the seeds have been planted for all Americans to turn their heads to the sun.

12/25/09 I read today that there is talk of a possible victory garden on the White House lawn. Not only would it be a practical idea, it would also be a very symbolic one.

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Truly Engaging said...

A Victory Garden at the White House~ wouldn't that be something? I love that shot of your daughter in the garden... precious!