Sunday, August 16, 2009

here I gourd again

ok summer as I know it is just about over..sorry to say the three months we totally yearn for flew by and will soon become mere memories. September brings the gourd show. In less than a month I will at the Chicago Botanical Gardens
participating in the IGS gourd show. It's a fabulous show to see as growers, artists and supplies gather all in honor of well... gourds! I'ts truly amazing to see unique works of art on mother nature's unique canvas.
These are gourds I have done in the past. I will be posting my new creations when I get out of summer vacation mode and FINISH them.. well hey..that won't be too long!


Lori R. said...

your work is beautiful and I can't hardly believe that is a gourd! I have tons of them growing in my garden. We have had so much rain and they are plentiful!!! Best of luck with your show in Chicago. We were just there and had an amazing time. Stayed on Michigan Ave. close to everything!

Bonnielynn said...

Thank you again for showing me around your beautiful home and your studio. Something about seeing what other artists are doing that inspires new creations in one's own work.
I don;'t know that I will be painting gourds in the near future, but your work is inspirational in itself.

cconz said...

I've never seen gourd art as nice as yours. I've been seeing more of it. But, never as nice.