Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Like everyone else in the Midwest I yearn for warm weather and all it's glory. A stroll to my pond brings me to a very peaceful state and reminds me of what is on the horizon.

The purple flower mosaic is on a wooden box. The other mosaic fit in so well with the ornamental cabbage when I photographed it.


Lori R. said...

Those pieces are so pretty, bright and shiny. I'm with you re: the Midwest... I love the snow, even up until last week, but I am so ready to get on with Spring. Love the pic of your pond. It does look so inviting...

cconz said...

Your pond is so cool! I've always wanted one but, haven't got up the energy to do it.
Thanks for stopping by. There is also no "Stabbings or fighting " I could go on and on. Seriously what's all the hub bub.