Sunday, April 15, 2012

Come to the Cafe!

An exciting day for me! Creative Chicks Cafe published my on line interview!  Their site is great and totally used for CREATIVITY! Have a visit at 
Hope to see you there!


cconz said...

Laura, what a great piece about YOU!!!! that is pretty exciting, not often does it happen that other people appreciate our artistic adventures. although is happens more now with the internet filled with people of like minds. you deserve all the praise you get. You do amazing work. I love your steampunk jewelry. keep it up girl. said...

Laura, your story created 975 hits in 6 days on our Creative Chicks Cafe blog froun around the United States. In addition, we received many new friends on Facebook and Follow Me on our blog. You are a talented lady and need to be recognized for the artisan that you are. I hope you hae great success through our social networking. Best of luck to you, Patty sullican, Creative Chicks Cafe

Laura Rodgers said...

Thanks Cathy and Patty! The internet really is a great vehicle to get out there share and enjoy each others work. It's great to be able to share and "meet" creative girls like you!